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ATHOS Group Athos Elektrik Sistemleri - Turkey

World Leader in the Cable Rewider Systems


Atlanta Elektrik Sitemleri has been founded in 2004 as a sixth Production Center of the group with Turkish & German joint initiative. In 2007 Atlanta Germany GMBH which is the holding company has been merged with another cable rewinder company named Holzschuh. With this powerfull merge, the company has taken a brand new name "ATHOS". Atlanta Turkey has followed Atlanta Germany and changed its name as ATHOS Elektrik Sistemleri.

Athos Turkey is located in Çorlu European Free Zone Area which is 100 km west of Istanbul. The production center based on 3000 m2 covered area. With a 200.000 unit capacity per month , most well known Turkish and worldwide vacuum cleaner companies cable rewinder requirements is being supply through the center. All product portfolio is being produce with European & US standarts and certifications.